CHP Commissioner Warren Stanley

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is dedicated to providing Safety, Service, and Security to the residents and visitors of California who use the thousands of miles of our state’s roadways. Each CHP employee is dedicated to ensuring you get home safely, that quality services are provided to you when you need it, and that you feel safe and secure as you travel throughout our great state. As the fifth largest law enforcement agency in the nation, the Department will continue its primary responsibility to anticipate and respond to the needs of the public which it serves. As the state continues to change and grow, so will the CHP’s promise to look for new and innovative ways to secure your safety as you travel and keep our communities safe.

We have a vested interest to serve and protect your community, because we live there too. Our motto of Safety, Service, and Security is accomplished in many ways: Safety: Our officers risk their lives daily to protect those who travel our roadways. Some have given their lives to rescue others. Service: We pride ourselves in providing professional service to the public, whether on patrol, on the phone, or through education – such as showing citizens how to properly install child safety seats or teaching young drivers how to drive safely. Our field offices respond to local needs through open communication with community leaders and allied agencies. Security: We are charged with protecting the public, their property, state employees, and the state’s infrastructure. This is a monumental task that could not be performed without the commitment of our employees and you.

The public trusts us to keep our roadways  and communities safe, and we are committed to maintaining that trust. You depend on us, and our state’s economic vitality depends on us as well. The California Highway Patrol is proud to serve all our residents and visitors throughout the state, and we strive daily to provide each of you the highest level of Safety, Service, and Security.

– Commissioner Warren A. Stanley

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