Explorer 1

Explorer -1 Ambulance & Medical Services is located in the beautiful city of Compton born out of an idea and commitment to service from its founder and chief who is a proud product of the community.

Explorer one is compromised of highly skilled and trained personnel with extensive experience in the private and public sectors of emergency medicine. Explorer -1 Chief comes from a background of fire service being a certified paramedic himself with numerous years of working in the field in addition to training.

What makes Explorer -1 stand out even more is its highly trained and experienced employees who are committed to compassionate, respectful, and dignified service to its patients.

Explorer -1 provides a wide range of services from Inter facility transports, to emergency stand by, and Ems Providers.

Explorer -1 is also committed to community service and giving back through training, community feedings, and community outreach.

Explorer -1 facility is equipped to provide training in the areas of Cpr, Hazardous Materials, Fire Safety, Medical Updates, in addition to being utilized to train and keep our employees in complete readiness for whatever situations they may have to deal with in the field through continuing education.

Explorer -1 also have on staff its own medical director with extensive training and experience as a medical doctor in emergency medicine in addition to nurses and other highly trained and skilled individuals insuring quality control.

Explorer -1 Motto is, you are me, and I am you, Together we are one.

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