StarQuest Spotlight: LaMarr “Deuce” Lubin
By Maleena Lawrence
Published September 13, 2013


This year at the 8th Annual Taste of Soul Family Festival, Bakewell Media will provide the public an opportunity to enjoy a creative combination of raw and seasoned talent as they perform live on the StarQuest Singing Competition Stage.

During the 2012 StarQuest Competition we had hundreds of entries but very few finalists. Amongst our list of previous contestants we caught up with two standout StarQuest performing artists Tanek Montgomery and LaMarr “Deuce” Lubin. Both independent artists highlight personal moments of progression that have taken place in their careers after the competition and their special appearances at the Taste of Soul during The BET Experience 2013.


Los Angeles Sentinel:  Given the strength of your voice, how long have you been in the music industry?

LaMarr “Deuce” Lubin: I started my career when I was really young in plays. The actual professional part of my career began in the 90’s.  I was part of a group called D.R.S. which stands for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  I am the lead singer from the group. We were signed to Capitol Records and MC Hammer was our Manager.  We had a hit song called “Gangsta Lean”.

LAS: What happened with D.R.S.?

Deuce: Well what happened was that when Hammer had financial troubles it kind of culminated to my group. We were left with no manager or no label. We did a movie soundtrack called Jason’s Lyrics and worked on Hammer’s last Hip Hop album, The Funky Headhunter. After that things were left up in the air and we wanted to go in another direction because Hammer was having financial problems— And we were looking for our money, never got it. As a group, we never officially disbanded we just went our separate ways.

LAS: What did you do when you parted ways from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels?

Deuce:  I left Los Angeles and later returned in 2000. I have an adopted Grandmother named Linda Hopkins who is a famous Blues and Jazz singer. She has done Broadway and has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  My Grandmother told me I need to continue my craft but I needed to do more than just sing R&B. After her advice, I learned how to sing Blues, Jazz, Gospel and perform Standards.  So, I began studying, going to clubs to sing with her and I learned my craft—I learned music.

LAS: Since you made it through the StarQuest audition, how has your life as an artist improved?

At first when StarQuest came along I’ll be honest, I thought, Nah this is kind of amateur I don’t want to do this. I got three Platinum hits under me. Then the little voice hit me, God said, “You should do this, get out there and show your talent”. I went to the audition and got in. I am really glad I did because I got a chance to meet a lot of interesting people and good connections. As a matter of fact, it helped me spur along what I am doing now. It is going to be the 20th Anniversary of Gangsta Lean. What I did last year when Trayvon Martin died was a dedication of the song to him. I decided that I was going to remake a new version of Gangsta Lean for this new generation because these kids were still killing each other 20 years later. Not just Trayvon but gun violence is prevalent throughout America right now and we need to let everyone know that this can’t keep going on. The co-lead singer of D.R.S. and I are back in the studio. The group is now working on a new album and we working to tack on a new gun initiative to end senseless killings. I told TMZ, “20 years has passed and we’re still doing the same thing”.  And I thank StarQuest and The L.A. Sentinel for letting me perform at The BET Experience. I had kind of forgotten my past and God gave me a tool to use to help the younger generation. When we made Gangsta Lean we really thought it was going to be a underground hood hit to tell Homies in that Gangsta Lean, “We really don’t need this violence”.  I have had people of all races walk up to me and tell me how much they appreciated our song.

LAS: Sounds like StarQuest has helped ignite a higher purpose and the reunification of D.R.S.?

Deuce: Yes. I also have a publicist now since StarQuest. I have been performing at clubs and weddings with my casual band Soulicious and I had a mention in The Observer, a Black newspaper in Sacramento, CA.  Thank you.

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