StarQuest Spotlight: Rory Darvel
By Maleena Lawrence
Published September 26, 2013


Song Writer/Actor/Entertainer
2012 StarQuest Finalist

Stars Claiming their Passion and Purpose

This year at the 8th Annual Taste of Soul, Bakewell Media Production will provide the public an opportunity to enjoy a creative combination of raw and seasoned talent as they perform live on the StarQuest Singing Competition Stage. Past and present artist will once again demonstrate why they were selected as finalist as they bring their unique voices to the public stage.

During the 2012 StarQuest Competition we had hundreds of entries but very few finalists. Amongst our list of previous contestants we caught up with two outstanding StarQuest performing artists Rory Darvel and Britt J “The Crystal Headed Princess”. Both independent artists highlight personal moments of progression that have taken place in their careers after the competition and their desire to remain steadfast in pursuit of fulfilling their life’s purpose.


Los Angeles Sentinel:  When did your journey in the music industry begin?

Rory Darvel: I started pursuing music after high school when I was about 18 years old. I first started off in song writing and did not begin singing in public until I was about 21 years old. But, I primarily focused on being a song writer.  I was fortunate enough to work and write for Barry White for a few years. My childhood friend  (now music partner) and I winded up writing for his last CD entitled Staying Power in late 1999. He won a Grammy for the title track, Staying Power as well as for the CD. Since then I have been writing and performing in plays. I ventured into acting since 2000.

Last year I partnered with a singer and we started doing R&B shows. Basically, I decided to get back to live entertainment and bands. We decided to take it back to live shows like you saw in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s what I call $100 concerts for $25. We do the full shebang for the artist and the people who come to see the show in Hollywood. We always title the shows off of an old school song and integrate romance and party. People come with low expectations and leave with amazement.

LAS: How did you hear about Star Quest?

RD: I believe I heard about it on the radio, KJLH. They were advertising auditions at the Crenshaw Mall so I went over to audition, had a great time and was fortunate enough to be chosen for the main show. It was a real great experience. I sang a song by Prince, The Beautiful Ones.

LAS: Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

RD: Although I enjoy singing Prince a lot, my biggest inspiration and influence is Michael Jackson. The Jackson 5 is the reason why I even got into music.

LAS: How has your life evolved as an artist since performing in the StarQuest competition?

RD: Shortly after StarQuest, I started doing more plays and putting together high polished entertainment shows where artist really perform. StarQuest, made me a little more popular in the neighborhood and that’s always good. I meant quite a few other artists like Britt J, Tasha Player and Robert Dillard. We support each other and a lot of new artist. I think it’s a good project for new artist and I hope it continues to grow.

LAS: What is your goal as an artist?

I believe my life as an artist is to live my purpose. I wasted a lot of years and finally got tired of getting in my own way. I am blessed that God gave me the energy to do this at a high level. I believe your purpose is designed to sustain you. Usually we rarely live our passion. I exercise my faith and for me I am not tired when I do this work. I desire to be an entertainer and I would do this for free, however, I now can give in other areas and support other people by living my purpose.

My goal is to be an entertainer and my pursuit is acting. At the end of the day my goal is to be a full time entertainer whether that is acting on stage, television or film. I like getting on stage and singing but writing for myself is not as motivating as to writing songs for others. Next, I will write my own play and stop sitting on my gift. I am getting busy right now and will continue hosting our R&B events.

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