STARQUEST Spotlight: Shining Stars and winning moments
Published October 15, 2013


This year at the 8th Annual Taste of Soul, Bakewell Media Production will once again welcome the public to partake in another year of enjoyment at the 2013 StarQuest Singing Competition. This is the one day when the community will have an up-close and intimate opportunity to watch some of Los Angeles’s unseen artist showcase their raw talent. Dually noted, the Taste of Soul family is proud to announce Jonathan Slocomb, Comedian and Host of Ground Breaking Comedy as the official Celebrity Host during the official competition. It is a unanimous decision that Jonathan Slocomb is set to light up the stage with his humor and infectious love for the community.

As we rapidly approach the Taste of Soul this year’s StarQuest competition is bound to be a rival to capture the best of originality and uniqueness. Above all, the anticipation of adding two unknown individuals to the StarQuest constellation waits to be seen. According to the previous winners of the competition, Beau Williams and Adrian Battle the talent will have to give everything they got when it comes to performing in front of the judges. It is very obvious as to why they both deserved their shine. Beau and Adrian offer inspirational advice and share pieces of their journey by reflecting on the impact of their StarQuest win.

Singer/Vocal Coach/ Producer
2012 StarQuest Grand Prize Winner

Maleena Lawrence (Los Angeles Sentinel): How did you find out about the StarQuest competition and why did you want to audition?

Beau Williams: Actually, I heard about StarQuest a year prior to last year. I live in Houston, TX and commute back and forth to LA because of music endeavors and a movie I am working on. Last year, we were going to put my daughter in the completion. I wasn’t going to enter. Then, my wife told me the competition was kind of steep for Jenetta and she wanted to sign me up. She did and I went on shortly after. It was about 200 singers from around the country and you had to come in the top 12 to compete for first place on the day of the contest. I sang “Danny Boy”, one of my favorites, the Jackie Wilson rendition. I was told that I was the favorite pick that day. Then, the day of the contest I was the number one winner! Unfortunately, my daughter did not make the cut. I think she chose the wrong song. Since then, I have worked with her. I am a vocal coach and I definitely think if she tried out now she would definitely make the cut.

LAS: What song did you sing during the final competition?

BW: The day of I sang the same song, Danny Boy.

LAS: Why did you stick with the same song for the StarQuest competition?

BW: Well, that’s the one that I like. Being as though I have been singing a long time I know competition songs. A song that you perform in a competition has to be something that shows off your voice, stage presence the whole package. That song requires a lot of things that I do with my voice to show people this man does not just sing he sangs. (Laughs)

LAS: In between competing talent during the 2013 StarQuest auditions, you received the first standing ovation after your performance of “A Change Is Gonna Come”, What message did you hope to convey this year’s contestants?

BW: You gotta sing with all your heart and give it all you got. If I don’t feel it how are you going feel it. Yes, People have always compared me with Sam Cooke, always. I sing with the Orchestra here in Los Angeles. They do fundraisers to build hospitals. They have big shows and different artist that impersonate Ray Charles, Rob Stewart, Lady GaGa and I do Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson or The Temptations.

LAS: What are the values you live by?

BW: You ought to have a standard. I am a family man. I have a wife, three girls and a boy. I am a Christian man. I love good clean fun. I think when you get up to perform you should think about that you have a mother or a sister and a God. And you will attract a larger audience that way. You don’t want to get up and be perverted when performing.

LAS: After winning the Grand Prize for StarQuest, what other projects have you been involved with?

BW: A lot of people don’t know this but I was a national winner on Star Search (1984). I defeated the 13 week champion and became the national champion and I recorded with Capitol Records. Right now, I am really interested in a movie. One movie I did some years ago is on a church and public school tour right now called, Pain. Now, I am working on a film called the Watchmen. It’s about a man raised up by God to make a difference in the inner city. It’s kind of true to life on how I wrote the story and work with troubled youth. I am working with the orchestra, writing songs for the movie and I sing all the time. That’s how I make my living.

Also, I want to thank God for Mr. Danny Bakewell who God gave the vision to put on the Taste of Soul. It brings about community awareness, supports businesses and restaurants that we can support in our own community. I think that the newspaper, The Los Angeles Sentinel is actually giving back to the community and that’s why it is so successful.

For more info on Mr. Beau Williams go to: | | Management, Sue (832) 228-5004

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