Stars with Love, Peace & Soul: Duprice Scruggs
By Maleena Lawrence
Published September 20, 2013


This year at the 8th Annual Taste of Soul, Bakewell Media Production will provide the public an opportunity to enjoy a creative combination of raw and seasoned talent as they perform live on the StarQuest Singing Competition Stage. Past and present artist will once again demonstrate why they were selected as finalist as they bring their unique voices to the public stage.

During the 2012 StarQuest Competition we had hundreds of entries but very few finalists. Amongst our list of previous contestants we caught up with two outstanding StarQuest performing artists Monique “Mo Que” Chambers and Duprice Scruggs. Both independent artists highlight personal moments of progression that have taken place in their careers after the competition and their special appearances at the Taste of Soul and the legendary show, Soul Train.


2012 StarQuest Finalist

Los Angeles Sentinel:  Where are you from?

Duprice Scruggs: I was born and raised over in Baldwin Hills in the Jungles. I went to Dorsey High School.

LAS: When did you discover your own voice?

DS: I love that question. I remember coming home and my grandmother was heavy into church and had us in choir. We had a children’s group called The Gospel Explosions. Then one day I was walking home from school singing a song by Ready For The World. I was in the seventh grade singing acapella. I sang for my family and discovered for myself in the seventh grade that I sound pretty good. I have been singing ever since. I don’t think a month of my life has passed by without me singing a note. Discovering my voice has been an amazing thing for me and entertaining to my spirit.

LAS: What led you to audition for StarQuest?

DS: I heard about it on KJLH radio station. Before I went to the audition, I told a few people about it and shared it on Facebook because I figured if I did not make it maybe somebody I know will. To be honest, the guy who won last year, Battle, heard about the audition from me. That’s my point, I am not a hater.  When I walked into the audition, it was validation when I saw Eric the coordinator from Soul Train and Don Cornelius’ son because I remembered them from when I use to sneak on the show. At the age of 10, I squeezed through the doors to dance on the set of Soul Train. During the audition I sang Teddy Bear, an original song of mine. Ray J loved it. On this quest I have a certain destination and that is to be a star. I started from the bottom now I am here.

LAS: How did you feel when you received a callback?

DS: My life story is guiding me to share my talent with as many people as I can. I feel like when I got the callback I already won. Anything that is an accomplishment with my music is a win. Soul Train and StarQuest have been an intricate part of my success. I meant these girl dancers on the taping of Soul Train who inspired me to do hair. I went with them to their salon on Manchester and Vermont called The Professionals, became their little brother and picked up the craft of doing hair. I have been doing hair for the past 25 years. That’s why I have not been able to do music because I love hair but music is rooted in me and I am just waiting to get my shine.  Now I am here.

LAS: As far as your life goes, why were you sneaking into back doors at the age of 10?

DS: I have been on my own since I was 13 years old. From birth to a young age my life had been all confusing. I did not know really who my father was and my mother wasn’t their because she had a drug addiction. I love my mom with all my heart. I found myself at 10 years old confiding in my older friends and neighbors in my neighborhood. I began getting out in the world and doing things young. Soul Train was a big part of that. I began being an adult and wanting something out of life at a young age. Between the ages of 13- 14 years old mother’s drug addiction got worse and I was tired of living in crack house, sleeping on the floor with rats and roaches. I was doing all my classmates hair at Dorsey High School. I proudly handed $900 over to the landlord and he gave me the keys to my first apartment.  The truth is the light and I have been blessed.

LAS: What have you accomplished since your performance on StarQuest?

DS: I have two CDs, an inspirational Gospel project and R&B album. I tastefully grew up on both kinds of music and refuse to be put in a box by choosing either or to share my talent. I also have been writing music for other artist and am working on my first book. Another thing is I recently, auditioned for Kelly Price’s reality show called, Too Fat for Fame. StarQuest has helped me do what I love musically. It’s the best thing ever. My life is all about amazing and being extraordinary.

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