Vendor Spotlight: Boone’s Fish is the Best Kept Secret
By Shonassee Shaver
Published September 26, 2013


What is light, fluffy, fried and flavorful? Wait for it….fried fish!

Why have fried fish on fish fry Fridays, when you can have it every day of the week, certainly at ‘Boone’s Fish’ located at 10010 S. San Pedro Street Los Angeles, California 90003. This fish frying eatery will be serving it up at this year’s 8th annual Taste of Soul.

Boone’s fried fish has cornered and crafted one of our favorite southern foods.  They serve all over the Los Angeles County, traveling from Orange County to Inland Empire.  Kenneth Boone owner of ‘Boone’s Fish’ knows how to throw down on fried fish.

 Kenneth has been putting a special touch on a classic southern dish for 8 years. 

They specialize in their own uniquely flavored dish and main recipe, cedar plank salmon.

This will be their 5th year returning to the Taste of Soul bringing out their finest fish from Thailand, fried Swi Bsa.

Boone’s is not only featuring fried fish at this year’s Taste of Soul, but will be debuting fired broccoli to the community of Los Angeles.

What sets them apart from other fried fish restaurants is that everything served is freshly made to order. It is cooked in 100 % canola oil opposed to vegetable oil or deep fried shortening resulting in less cholesterol.

Kenneth who was initially reluctant to tell people about the type of fish he made learned that it was all about the batter.

He carved out his own private fish batter that gave his fish that genesequa, “I took the same fish in placed it in different batter,” said Boone, giving it that matchless fish flavor.

Bring your appetite to ‘Boone’s Fish,’ they will bring their exclusive “A” game to the Taste of Soul.

Go to trusklivboone/ or call (714) 698-9247 for ordering or more information on ‘Boone’s Fish.’

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